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    Concert piano for high demands.
  • This is a new piano ready to go to a new home.  It is without a doubt one of the best pianos ever made.  Fully handmade in Germany.  Come and play this fine instrument and hear it for yourself. RRP $75,000.  You can buy this one from the floor as a demo at $55,000.
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    Model 170 studio grand piano, mahogany polished
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    Model 190-2 Grand Piano Master Class wellknown for a superb tone volume black polished.
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    Model 275 Concert Grand Piano -Super Mondial- for great performance in concert halls black polished.
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    Grand Pianos are known for their beautiful shape and superior sound qualities. With the mechanics and soundboard within the body of the piano placed horizontally, a higher quality sound is created. The lid also allows variation in sound projection by allowing more soundwaves to be released when opened. The GP148 'Baby Grand' exhibits the premium features and aesthetic appeal of a Grand Piano but its more compact size is better suited to smaller environments such as homes and small concert venues. Supplied with a matching bench.
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    With a larger soundboard and construction, the GP160 Semi-Concert Grand demonstrates eloquent sound qualities and is perfect for intermediate to advanced pianists. Its graceful shape and beautiful tone commands the stage and delivers a truly pleasurable playing experience.
  • Brand New Beale Grand Piano GP160. $9,995.00 ($14,000.00 RRP) New demo.  Beale have been around for a long time.  Best “bang for bucks”.  If you want a piano that ticks all the boxes for a small amount, this is the one. Includes Piano Stool, In-house Tune and Delivery in Melbourne Metro Area (excludes stairs). To arrange a viewing please contact John on Phone: 0414 558 969 or
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    The UP108M is designed in the sturdy and elegant "continental" style. It is perfectly suited to the smaller pianist, with a lower key height for assured comfort and playability. Its smaller size also makes it a great option for players with space constraints. Constructed while honouring the techniques established by Beale over 100 years ago, the UP108M resonates with unprecedented sound and at an impressive price.
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    The UP118M features excellent dynamics and warmth rarely seen in other brands in its category. Made honouring premium upright piano construction, the soundboard combines smaller sizing and larger sound to create the perfect piano choice. This piano will maintain its rich tone through time.
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    Entering into the larger category of Beale's Piano sizes, the UP121S has a larger soundboard allowing for greater vibration, enhanced tonal qualities and better durability. Its rich tone and classic design make it perfect for music school and studio applications. Supplied with a matching bench.
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    The UP130TS is Beale's premium upright piano and offers full tonal quality, durability and stability, making it perfect for intermediate and advanced pianists. Expect power and tone comparable to many grand pianos from this excellent top-of-the line upright piano.
  • This piano has been beautifully restored to its former glory.  All the restorational work was done in Germany.  A typical Bechstein sound.  Finished in two-pack polyester.  Has been totally restored.  Matching stool to style of piano. Save thousands. Buy now at $45,000
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    88 Inspiring Factory Presets Featuring some of the the best sounds from our PC3 and Artis series, including our NEW German 9' Concert Grand, Vintage Electric Pianos, Clavinets, rich and realistic String Sections and Orchestras, Guitars, Percussion and more. Modern Streamlined Cabinet Design Compact upright cabinet featuring slow-close fallboard and prop-up top lid. Genuine Wood Keys Wooden keys with graded-hammer action for real piano performance. Powerful Sound System 150-watt, 3-way, 6-speaker, stereo sound system. One-Touch, Slide Out Controls Elegant slide out control panel featuring easy access to all system functions, including a Metronome, Transpose and One-Touch Favorites. Built-In Pedals Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft Pedals standard. (Optional volume/expression pedal unit sold separately).
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    Hammer Action Keyboard 88-note, fully weighted hammer action keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity. 20 Inspiring Factory Presets Enjoy a variety of instrument selections featuring our Triple Strike piano, organs, guitars, strings, and more. 50 Auto-Accompaniment Styles Use left-hand chords to create real-time arrangements, triggering built-in interactive backing patterns in a variety of musical genres. Modern Cabinet with Integrated Sound System Housed in an attractive stage piano stye cabinet the KA90 comes complete with a detachable music stand and built-in 4-speaker sound system. You're ready-to-go for either home or portable use. Simple and Intuitive Controls The sleek control panel and clear display provide quick access to all system functions. MIDI Song Recorder With the easy-to-use song recording features, you can record and store up to 5 of your own keyboard performances.
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    Graded Hammer Action Keyboard 88-note, fully weighted graded hammer action keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity. 20 Inspiring Factory Presets Featuring a variety of acoustic/electric pianos, organ, guitar and orchestral instruments. 12 Rhythm Accompaniment Patterns Choose from a variety of backing styles to play along with. Modern Cabinet Design Spinet-stye cabinet available in simulated rosewood or white finishes, featuring a 30-watt, 2-speaker stereo sound system, built-in music stand and slide-out fallboard. Simple and Intuitive Controls Elegant control panel featuring easy access to all system functions, including Split/Layer, Transpose, Styles, Metronome and Recorder. Built-In Pedals Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft Pedals standard.
  • These stunning Pianos have been built to not only sound good but to look good too. Coming in a range of colours from the more traditional white and black to the more modern pink, yellow, blue, red, and more. Brilliantly designed, stylish and versatile - the Lomence Romance series transcends age, gender, culture and lifestyle. Features:
    • Lomence crystal fallboard, cheekblocks, and side arms
    • Contoured cylindrical Lomence crystal leg design
    • All nickel finished hardware, pedals and casters
    • Lomence crystal sharps (in place of traditional black keys)
    • Slow-fall safety feature
    • Lid prop for richer, larger sound
    • Deep, rich tone for enriched musical experience
    Retailing for $9,999.00 these Pianos are priced to sell.
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