Most pianists start learning on an upright piano. Gradually as the students stills and knowledge expand, they will most likely progress through exam levels and perform in competitions. They will eventually outgrow their dependable vertical piano that has graced their home for the past few years and now need a piano that allows them to express pieces with more depth, more intensity and more emotion. An upright piano can restrict a students development so it soon becomes time to upgrade, but the plethora of choice in the market is often quite daunting. What do you need to look for in a suitable grand piano?

You will need a piano that not only sounds wonderful brand new, but will maintain is tonal colour and withstand continual practice and often strenuous use. Therefore structural support and precision in part placement is so important. The Samick NSG175 is designed with dedicated piano students in mind. The CNC shaped ribs reinforce the soundboard superbly and full integration with the inner rim, guarantees unhindered sound production.

The NSG175 also features solid spruce backposts providing added strength and durability. This is a medium sized grand piano 175cm (5 feet 7 inches) in length, providing even longer string length and a professional level of sound creation.

This is the ideal piano for piano teachers, intermediate to advanced students, and anyone searching for a piano waiting to have its passion and power unleased!