These stunning Pianos have been built to not only sound good but to look good too. Coming in a range of colours from the more traditional white and black to the more modern pink, yellow, blue, red, and more.

Brilliantly designed, stylish and versatile – the Lomence Romance series transcends age, gender, culture and lifestyle.


  • Lomence crystal fallboard, cheekblocks, and side arms
  • Contoured cylindrical Lomence crystal leg design
  • All nickel finished hardware, pedals and casters
  • Lomence crystal sharps (in place of traditional black keys)
  • Slow-fall safety feature
  • Lid prop for richer, larger sound
  • Deep, rich tone for enriched musical experience

Retailing for $9,999.00 these Pianos are priced to sell.

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The passion for music and pianos has always been part of Mr. Li, President of Lomence Modern Crystal Piano Company. After establishing a successful career as a music instructor and piano teacher, Mr. Li expanded into the piano retail business.

Unsatisfied with the traditional product offering available within the piano industry, Mr. Li decided it was time for a change; a new piano better suited for today’s discerning consumer, reminiscent of days when a piano contributed both musically and decoratively in a home. A piano that would invite and foster a love for music that would continue for a lifetime.

From this vision Lomence Modern Crystal Piano Company was born.

With the cooperation from some of Europe’s finest piano manufacturers, and the best materials sourced from Germany, Japan, Canada and China, Lomence pianos are solidly fixed as a leader in today’s modern piano manufacturing industry.

Bring together the finest aspects of piano craftsmanship and the latest in moderm design, Lomence Modern Crystal Piano has integrated cutting-edge technology with traditional piano manufacturing to produce the next generation of pianos.

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