Piano Restoration

Piano Gallery has a full in-house workshop that allows us to perform extensive piano restoration work. Our passion is to see a piano that is almost as good as firewood and transforming it back into a beautiful acoustic instrument. So whatever state your piano is in, we can assess it and provide a solution for you.

Our piano restoration services include:

  • Re-stringing
  • Re-pinning
  • Replacing wrest planks
  • Replacing bridges
  • Total re-felting
  • Total rebuild of cabinets

We can also re-polish your piano in any finish including French polishing, polyester, 2 pack and lacquer. Sometimes small and annoying scratches can be expertly buffed out so your polish shines again. No job is too small.

Piano Gallery is one of the few businesses in Melbourne who can restore pianolas of all makes and models. If you have a pianola hiding in the back of the garage or down in the garden shed, maybe it’s time to consider some restoration.

Contact us on (03) 8598 9510 or fill out our online contact form.