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Buying a new piano is a special experience. Piano Gallery are sure to have a piano to suit your home and lifestyle with a large range of styles and colours to choose from.


Enjoy pure perfection with the range of pianos from Alex Steinbach. The Alex.Steinbach brand is reserved for musicians who expect the utmost in beauty, technical design and performance integrity. Using the German Imperial Scale, triple strength fine gain soundboards, German Roslau strings and high quality hammers Alex Steinbach pianos offer creative choices and a lifetime of enjoyment.
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Alex.Steinbach iQ

Alex.Steinbach iQ Pianos are a unique range of traditional acoustic pianos fitted with the exclusive PianoDisc™ Silent Drive technology. This enables the piano to play by itself with the keys actually moving up and down before your eyes!

Not only is your piano a beautiful addition to your home, your lifestyle can be transformed by the enjoyment of playing and listening to the piano. In addition to the piano playing, many songs have extra backing with vocal and orchestral arrangements. The backing is played through 2 concealed speakers that lie under the piano. This total performance experience creates an atmosphere that’s sure to impress.

You control your iQ piano with the bonus iPad that comes with every model. Simply turn the iPad on, go to your iTunes folder and select the song or album you wish to play.

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August Forster

Since 1859 August-Forster has been crafting pianos of the finest quality. A family owned business through the generations. The unique aspect with musical instruments is that they all speak the same language and reach the hearts of people; the nice thing about it is, August-Forster is a part of this harmony.

The name August-Forster stands for quality and individuality. The parts are assembled to create a unique and individual piece of art.

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The entire line of Kayserburg pianos exhibits an exceptional performance standard resulting from the intensive experiments and research by Mr. Thomma and his outstanding team at Pearl River Piano Group, who continue their quest for excellence and innovation by using a combination of world tradition and state-of-the-art computerised manufacturing techniques.

Precision components of the new pianos are produced by advanced CNC digital machinery, then assembled by expect craftsmen to ensure a blend of both technical superiority and artistic excellence. Characteristics of the Kayserburg piano line include Röslau strings, Louis Renner premium hammers from Germany, Ebony Wood sharps and soundboards constructed from selected Spruce, just some examples of the commitment to quality and workmanship that characterise every Kayserburg piano.

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Beale Pianos has been an Australian icon since 1893. Indeed Beale and Company was once the largest piano manufacturer in the Brittish Empire. Its underlying philisophy is based on a committment to employing craftsmanship of the highest standard in all stages of piano creation.

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