There are many people thinking about buying a grand piano, but never do. There are many reasons. Some believe that a baby grand piano will meet their requirements, often start renting a sub-standard model and become disheartened because the sound just isn't suitable for professional performers. Conversely some believe the only acceptable type of piano is a concert grand sized piano, but withhold purchasing anything because a piano that size is financially beyond their grasp. Others simply cannot decide which advanced level grand piano offers the best sound and value for money from all the brands in the market. They do not want to pay excessively for a brand name, but they still want a leading piano in the world.

The AS186D provides a resolution to this problem. Performers and professionals will recognise that the sound quality of the AS186D grand piano far exceeds other pianos of similar 186cm (6 feet 1 inch) length in the market. This is due to the shape of the body allowing the bass string to be 9.2cm longer and the soundboard 72cm2 larger than other grand pianos the same size.

Also, in contrast to many other pianos of this calibre, the Alex Steinbach is not over priced, making an investment in the AS186D a real opportunity for many people who otherwise may not have believed purchasing a first-class grand piano was possible.

The Samick AS186D is an exemplary piano for school auditoriums, conservatorium practice studios, hotel function rooms, entertainment venues, advanced students to music industry professionals and perceptive buyers hoping to discover a unique and exceptional experience.